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Wednesday, 24 September 2008

The Shoe Dilemma (An Appendix)

Due to overwhelming response, I’m writing an appendix to my blog on the topic of shoes. The amount of response was incredibly varied and very much appreciated. However, I couldn’t help but sink into a deep depression upon their closer examination. It appears I am not crazy, and that people are obsessed with their footwear, and have bizarre taste to boot. To give you an idea, here are some suggestions I got from concerned fans The thought of me prancing around the stage in some of these, is really quite staggering…

Nike Dunks should solve the problem mate - Adam

Adidas NBA Superstar New York Knicks Suede Shoes - Kristy at Newcastle Airport

My dad is a fan of cowboy boots - Robby

Toms Shoes (neat cause) - Jenna

Crocs - Jay

Fluevogs - Natalie

Some kick-ass pumas - Megan

Reefs. Problem solved - Jessica

Timberlake. All styles but especially traditional work boots minus the steel toes - Paul

A pair of Diesel's and no one will think you're American - Bartek

Royal blue hi-top Converse with red insides... or green? – Kels

The nail in the coffin comes from Rachel Ratti of Wolverhampton. Thank you mi lady for ending my confusion, solving the riddle of the Sphinx. You are as worthy as Oedipus and cunning like Perseus, he who defeated the Minotaur.  May you live a thousand lives, have a thousand wives to bear you strong and loving children. Case closed.

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